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Combined FiTWiG and SBA Network Meeting


In this webinar we interview Jim Blew and Chris Rinkus from the U.S. Department of Education and discuss how states are fostering transparency, analysis and action regarding the school-by-school spending data. Presentation slides March 3, 2020 Webinar recording March 3, 2020

Combined FiTWiG and SBA Network Meeting2021-08-31T21:05:45+00:00

Getting it all done (in time)


In this webinar we address states questions about data validation and facilitating conversations linking school financials with outcomes. Presentation Slides January 16, 2020 Webinar recording January 16, 2020  

Getting it all done (in time)2020-02-13T21:04:55+00:00

Are your data buried? Should SEAs correct errors in the media?


In this webinar we explore the accessibility of states financial data, tips for making data more accessible and explore ways SEAs can correct errors if they are reported incorrectly in the media. Presentation Slides 11.12.2019 Webinar Recording 11.12.2019

Are your data buried? Should SEAs correct errors in the media?2020-02-13T21:03:41+00:00

Financial Transparency: What do school boards need to know?


Dr. Roza and Carrie Stewart, Afton Partners, share what school members need to know about upcoming release of financial transparency data and provide tips for preparing board members to communicate about and use school-level spending data to improve schooling. Presentation slides 7.10.2019 Webinar recording 7.10.2019

Financial Transparency: What do school boards need to know?2019-09-13T17:58:50+00:00

When the rubber meets the road… Putting all these plans into action


In this webinar Dr. Roza reviewed what research indicates principals and districts know about finance and how to engage them as users of per student expenditure data.  Sara Shaw (member from Illinois ) shared examples of the types of data and reporting planned for the Illinois report card. Presentation slides 6.10.2019 Webinar recording 6.10.2019

When the rubber meets the road… Putting all these plans into action2019-07-11T19:26:33+00:00

Financial Transparency: What does success look like?


Dr. Roza provided an overview of a recent media scan capturing all coverage in state and national outlets related to school by school financial reporting. The conversation then moved to discussing various scenarios that SEAs may find themselves in related to the press and the general public, and how states might respond. Presentation Slides 5.14.2019 Recorded Webinar 5.14.2019  

Financial Transparency: What does success look like?2019-07-11T19:27:05+00:00

ESSA requires SEAs to report school-by-school spending.Taking Stock as SEAs Begin Releasing Data.


In this webinar examine early state releases of school-by-school expenditures in those states where data are now available. We shared how leading states are incorporating financial transparency data in school and district report cards. Edunomics will assess what can be learned from these early adopters and applied to states that plan to publish in late 2019 or early 2020. Presentation slides 4.4.2019

ESSA requires SEAs to report school-by-school spending.Taking Stock as SEAs Begin Releasing Data.2019-04-05T18:30:48+00:00

Resource Allocation Reviews – Part 2!


Six months after reviewing this policy with FiTWiG, we revisited the topic of resource allocation reviews within ESSA to remind the group of the connection between that ESSA policy and the financial transparency reporting requirement. Presentation Slides Video

Resource Allocation Reviews – Part 2!2021-08-31T21:00:30+00:00

Communicating About Financial Transparency


We shared some recent communication research focused on the financial transparency requirement and then applied the research to some real examples from state and district communication. Presentation Slides Video

Communicating About Financial Transparency2019-01-15T17:39:24+00:00

Data Plans: Details Matter


Many states that did not already have access to school level finance data needed to put into place new procedures and policies in order to gain access to a reliable data set. Those policies and procedures were referred to as data plans in the FiTWiG and this webinar reviews some best practices to keep in mind when drafting and publishing

Data Plans: Details Matter2023-01-13T19:05:56+00:00

How Ready Are You for FT Reporting? Use the Checklist to Find Out


Edunomics created a checklist for the various moving pieces SEAs need to accomplish before the data is public. This webinar walks through the checklist and solicits state input. Presentation Slides Video

How Ready Are You for FT Reporting? Use the Checklist to Find Out2019-01-15T17:32:31+00:00

Office Hours


Office Hours usually do not have any particular topic or structure. Instead, states are asked to submit their own questions or comments for discussion amongst themselves. In this office hours session, we review some common mistakes in state data plans, check in on exclusions, and discuss some special case scenarios like pre-K and special education spending. Presentation Slides Video

Office Hours2019-01-15T17:31:41+00:00

Resource Allocation Reviews


ESSA includes a few requirements related to resource allocation, and this meeting explored the requirement on the SEAs to review resource allocation in districts that serve significant numbers of schools identified as needing improvement. The webinar lays out a framework for states to use to begin planning these reviews. Presentation Slides Video

Resource Allocation Reviews2021-08-31T21:00:52+00:00

Checking for Data Validity


This webinar covers a few different topics, but the main content is on how to do data validity checks to ensure SEAs receive accurate data from LEAs. We also covered some state check-ins on the IFR and data plans and shared some early findings from communication research. Presentation Slides Video

Checking for Data Validity2019-01-15T17:19:44+00:00

Staying the Course & Illinois highlight


Marguerite and Katie spend the first half of this call reviewing some key concepts and checking understanding of the group around some high level elements related to meeting the financial transparency requirement. The second half of the call is focused on lessons learned from Illinois, specifically related to the internal advisory group the state is convening to meet the requirement.

Staying the Course & Illinois highlight2019-01-15T17:13:45+00:00

State Activity Thus Far


In this webinar, we share the results of a survey given to all FiTWiG members, tracking progress on key elements that may help states meet the FT requirement (accounting tools, working groups, communication efforts, data analyses, reporting, training, etc.). Presentation slides Video State activity tracker

State Activity Thus Far2019-01-15T17:10:39+00:00

Working with LEAs on Developing Data Reports


OH and MA presented their efforts around creating school level spending data visualizations. Both interacted with stakeholder groups to do so, and shared those lessons with the FiTWiG. Presentation Slides Video

Working with LEAs on Developing Data Reports2019-01-15T17:02:47+00:00