Making the Most of Federal Relief Funds

Ed Finance Mini-Course

A Whole New Ballgame!



This mini-course is designed to help leaders and communities develop plans to spend the unprecedented federal relief funds. The mini-course is hands-on and practice-based, not finance theory. The overarching goal is to help participants make strategic spending decisions on behalf of students and rooted in their own local context while engaging communities and ensuring their systems are set up for financial sustainability.

Registration fee is $850 (or $675 per registration for groups of 10 or more via single payment). Please note: we are unable to offer scholarships on this already-subsidized offering.

For questions, please email Jordan.Tollefson@georgetown.edu.

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What is the “Ed Finance in 2021: A Whole New Ballgame” mini-course?

Education leaders face critical decisions in the next few weeks and months on how to spend the new federal relief funds. They must make these rapid-fire decisions in the context of traditional budget pressures coupled with an ever-shifting set of new pressures in the wake of the pandemic:

  • Enrollment swings
  • Uneven learning and uneven student needs
  • Local labor markets in transition
  • Off-cycle pay considerations
  • Calls to innovate, calls to deliver services differently–and better

This hands-on mini-course is designed to help leaders and communities meet this unprecedented moment. For many, the goals remain the same before and after the pandemic: leveraging the funds to do the most for students in a way that is financially sustainable and transparent; enhancing equity in the short and long term; communicating finances to build trust; and engaging communities in financial choices. But it’s the conditions and contexts that are new. This mini-course is built to help participants grapple with their own unique conditions and contexts. Systems receiving one-time federal relief aid will learn how to make the most of those dollars on behalf of students.

In each two-hour virtual session, participants will:

  • Quickly weigh multiple real-time financial considerations
  • Engage in hands-on experiences navigating competing financial pressures
  • Explore current financial and other data to inform spending choices
  • Practice communications and budgeting strategies to engage communities and build trust
  • Confront potential financial pitfalls, and navigate procurement, fiscal constraints, reporting and more

Who should participate?

District leadership, finance teams, federal (Title) directors, board members, and principals, as well as state agency leaders, support teams, contractors, and community groups. The mini-course is designed for finance and non-finance professionals alike. The focus is on building and honing strategic finance skills to meet the moment and apply them in participants’ own context.

No prerequisites or advance preparation required. CPE and PDC credits are available.*

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