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Compensation, Benefits & Pensions

Teacher salaries and benefits make up roughly 80 percent of all K-12 spending in the United States. We analyze the complex interplay of policy and practice on salaries and benefits, including states’ soaring pension debt. We develop cost models for promising approaches toward financial sustainability, equity and improved student outcomes. These include giving bonuses to effective teachers who take on more students and raising pay in teachers’ earlier years (without changing their lifetime earnings) to strengthen the teaching force and reduce runaway pension debt.

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The Equity Problem in Teacher Pensions

Marguerite Roza and Katherine Hagan January 2017 Research has shown that teachers and salaries are inequitably distributed within school districts, but the same rationale has yet to be applied to pension wealth. This new paper by Marguerite Roza shows how high-minority schools receive fewer dollars in pension wealth than low-minority schools within the same district, and makes the...

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