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School Spending Data Hub

Our data hub provides a gateway to explore each state’s school-by-school spending data.

Click on any state abbreviation below to find out what you can learn from that state’s report card about per-pupil expenditures—and how to find information the report card may not provide. Questions or want to know when new state data comes online? Email: Deb Britt at edunomics@georgetown.edu

NOTE: Arizona data appear to be incomplete and include some errors as of July 23, 2020.

Read: Taking Stock of School-by-School Spending Data 

Click below to go directly to any state’s school spending data

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School Spending Data Archive

Edunomics Lab is building a new national data archive to capture states’ per-student spending by school as required under ESSA. The archive compiles year-over-year data into a publicly accessible, permanent location and makes it usable for research, policy, and practice.

To share your state’s data file for inclusion in the archive, please email Lucy Hadley: lmh140@georgetown.edu.

School Spending Data Archive Infographic

School spending data in the news

New Data: Even within the same district some wealthy schools get millions more than poor ones

Tara Garcia Mathewson, Hechinger Report

Here’s how much each Alabama school spent on students

Tricia Powell Crain, AL.com

We Now Know How Much Districts Spend on Almost Every School In America

Daarel Burnette II, Education Week

For First Time, Oklahoma Reports Per-Pupil Spending by School

Jennifer Palmer, Oklahoma Watch

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