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Innovation & Technology

Our research around innovation and technology in education finance aims to help the field make money matter more. As delivery models for schooling evolve with technology and other innovations, the thinking goes, so should school financing. But in many places, we are still using today’s practices to finance tomorrow’s schools. We know students are the one element that will remain constant over time. Aligning money with students, rather than to schooling inputs or models, can keep a finance structure nimble enough to adapt.

Relevant Resources

Public Education Missed the Data Revolution. It’s Time to Catch Up

Data-free schooling means the system can’t learn as it goes and improve on what it does. It means students aren’t getting the full value from the nation’s investment in public schooling, write Marguerite Roza and Chad Aldeman. What can be done to chip away at this data desert?

The Big Bet on Adding Staff to Improve Schools Is Breaking the Bank

By going all-in on staffing, we’ve crowded out other potential investments­ that can positively impact student learning. In this paper, Marguerite Roza writes that competing strategies should be viewed through the lens of which can do the most for students with the limited dollars at hand.

Building SEA Productivity

In this presentation state education chiefs heard about a basic framework for leading the productivity challenge that includes building a productivity data infrastructure, prioritizing flexibility, aligning funds with students, incentivizing innovation, and leading the change.