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Innovation & Technology

Our research around innovation and technology in education finance aims to help the field make money matter more. As delivery models for schooling evolve with technology and other innovations, the thinking goes, so should school financing. But in many places, we are still using today’s practices to finance tomorrow’s schools. We know students are the one element that will remain constant over time. Aligning money with students, rather than to schooling inputs or models, can keep a finance structure nimble enough to adapt.

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Building SEA Productivity

Marguerite Roza July 2014 On July 12 Marguerite Roza presented a session at Council of Chief State School Officers' Summer Institute. In her session Chiefs heard about a basic framework for leading the productivity challenge that includes building a productivity data infrastructure, prioritizing flexibility, aligning funds with students, incentivizing innovation, and leading the change. Read More...

Innovating Toward Sustainability: How Computer Labs Can Enable New Staffing Structures, and New Savings

Marguerite Roza and Suzanne Simburg December 2012 Using wage and staffing data from states, authors Marguerite Roza and Suzanne Simburg project the financial and staffing implications of one innovative school model (the Rocketship lab rotation) to highlight potential impacts on the schooling workforce and total per-student spending. This Rapid Response brief was published by the Center on...

Curing Baumol’s Disease: In Search of Productivity Gains in Public Education

Curing Baumol's Disease: In Search of Productivity Gains in Public Education This paper published by Center on Reinventing Public Education first explores the past and future outlook for education absent productivity gains. The authors, Paul Hill and Marguerite Roza, then discuss several areas in which labor-intensive businesses have improved productivity: information technology, deregulation, redefinition of the product, increased efficiency in...

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