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Rapid Response

The current economic climate and increasing demands to improve public education require responses rooted in concrete analytics and sustainable, innovative modeling. The Rapid Response paper series is designed to share single topic analysis related to current finance policy issues.


Please contact us at edunomics@georgetown.edu for accessible versions of the meeting resources.

Paying the Best Teachers More to Teach More Students

Marguerite Roza and Amanda Warco February 2015 Research has found that the impact of an effective teacher outweighs the impacts of smaller class sizes. In this analysis authors Marguerite Roza and Amanda Warco find allowing our best teachers to teach more students in lieu of hiring additional staff could offer teachers bonuses as high as $10,357 to...

The Real Deal on K-12 Staffing

The Real Deal on K-12 Staffing In the absence of reliable estimates of national K-12 staffing, Jim Simpkins and Marguerite Roza compile data from several national sources to determine historical K – 12 staffing ratios. Their analysis finds that staffing ratios across K-12 education have risen precipitously over several decades and, despite the impact of the Great Recession, remain at...

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