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Research & Focus Areas

Our Approach

Edunomics Lab conducts education finance research and analysis, always seeking to identify the questions that need asking but are not yet being asked. To connect research to policy and practice, Edunomics Lab works with districts, states, policymakers and leaders at all levels of the education system (local, state, federal) to conduct analyses and provide technical assistance. Our research and modeling projects are designed to give policymakers and education leaders evidence-based, practical, actionable resources so they can make thoughtful resource decisions on behalf of students.

Our team has compiled a list of datasets commonly used in education research and practice focused primarily on finance-related data. Explore Ed Finance-Related Datasets: Key Features and Limitations.

Compensation, Benefits & Pensions
District Resource Allocation
Educational Productivity
Financial Transparency
Higher Education
Innovation & Technology
K-12 Financial Landscape
State Finance Policy
School-Level Resource Use
Student-Based Allocation
Training in Ed Finance

Project Highlights

30-Minute Webinar

30-Minute Webinars

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National Education Resource Database on Schools

Pandemic Recovery

K-12 Financial Landscape

Education Productivity

Certificate in Ed Finance

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