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Tools To Support Financial Decision Making

We’ve created a variety of tools to support school district leaders’ financial decision making. While some of these tools were built to help inform and track federal relief fund spending, they are useful in the long-term for general budgeting, fiscal planning, and evaluation of investment strategies. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Have questions or feedback? Please contact us at edunomics@georgetown.edu.
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The Calculator: Look up your district to estimate lost learning time in math and reading and the cost to remedy that loss. Includes data for more than 8,000 school districts across the country. 

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Choosing Among Cost-Equivalent Options: District finance teams and school leaders can use this worksheet to identify and gather meaningful community input on spending priorities.

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Communication Template For Principals: Based on finance messaging research, principals can use this template to engage their school communities in making the most of federal relief dollars.

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ESSER Expenditure Dashboard: We’re tracking school districts’ ESSER 3 expenditures. Find spending by district or download a state’s data. ESSER 1 and 2 coming soon.

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The Grid: Use this worksheet to assess investments by calculating per-student costs and spelling out desired results, risks involved, and how effectiveness will be measured.

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National Education Resource Database on Schools (NERD$): Explore the first-ever national dataset to capture year-over-year public K-12 school-by-school spending data for research and comparisons.

spending and outcomes snapshot

School Spending & Outcomes Snapshot: View and print these data displays to inform conversations on improving equity and student outcomes.

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Spending v. Outcomes by School: Take a deeper dive into the relationship between school spending and student outcomes with these interactive data visualizations.

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Staffing v. Enrollment Trends: See how the number of staff compares to the number of students in selected states, and how that’s changed over time. Use the template to graph trends for your own state or district.