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What To Know About ESSER

Across the country, school districts are deciding how to spend the largest-ever one-time federal investment in public education. The federal relief funds came in three waves (ESSER I, II, and III), with very little in the way of restrictions on how the dollars can be used.

Below are links to resources to help district and state leaders understand the full scope of ESSER funding, including flexibilities and requirements, how much every district received in per-pupil terms, and where to track spending decisions across the country. If you have questions about ESSER or suggestions for additional resources, please email us at edunomics@georgetown.edu.

U.S. Department of Education

ARP ESSER Interim Final Requirements
Education Stabilization Fund: Allocations and Spending to Date
Maintenance of Equity: Guidance and State Initial Data Files
State Spending Plan Applications
Other Important Resources from Dept. of Ed.

Whiteboard Advisors

ESSER Funding By District (*At-A-Glance Estimates*)

National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL)

ESSER Relief Fund Tracker By State

Future Ed

How States Are Using Federal Funds

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