Webinar Note2020-03-25T23:42:09+00:00

A note to those who joined our 9am webinar on 3/24:

We were horrified and shaken by the racially offensive language and sexually explicit images that interrupted our webinar yesterday. We want to share our deepest apologies to everyone who had to witness that.

Most seem to know that hackers had infiltrated the system, and to all who reached out with support and guidance: thank you. We think the hackers were professional and that the messages may have been a distraction as they sought to transfer files designed to steal information or infect the host’s computer. Because there were hundreds of hacker logins overwhelming the host computer, it took our system longer than we would have ever hoped to shut the meeting down.

We’ve been connected to Zoom and are learning that there are precautions that can help prevent a “Zoombombing” attack in the future. We’ve received lots of inquiries on what we’ve learned, and the three most important for us are: 1) we made a mistake in posting the link online; 2) there are Zoom settings that can prohibit screen sharing, whiteboard use, and file transfers, but these preferences must be in place before the meeting starts (they cannot be adjusted after the meeting has begun); and 3) for larger publicly broadcast meetings, shifting to a registration/confirmation format will make it more secure. Zoom has additional resources on this.

For anyone who has questions or concerns or further feedback, please reach out to any of our team members.

Thank you to those who joined our last-minute reschedule. Our apologies to anyone who didn’t get the message or was unable to attend. We’ve posted the recording and the slides here. And again, please accept our sincerest apologies.