Wyoming published FY 2019-20 school-by-school spending data on the Wyoming School Report Cards. Wyoming reports spending by local & state and federal dollars per pupil and by school and district level. Explore Wyoming’s spending data below or view report cards HERE.

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See our FY19 spending and outcomes analyses


Wyoming does not publish district and state averages. However, you can view your district’s report card to gather spending by school to calculate the average district per-pupil spending. At this time, there is no feature available to easily calculate a state average.

Visit your district’s report card and click “Cost Per Student” to view per-pupil spending for every school. Click “For more information” to view spending broken down by federal, state & local, as well as spending by school and district.

Wyoming does not currently post details on spending broken out by services.

Wyoming does not currently post details on spending broken out by services.

The Wyoming report cards do not have an online comparison option.

I know which school(s) I want to compare.

View enrollment data and per-pupil spending data on each comparison school’s report card.

I do not know which schools I want to compare.

To identify comparison schools, view “School Level Fall Enrollment by Ethnicity and Gender” (be sure to select 2019-20) and/or “Free and Reduced Lunch Eligibility.” Then, view each comparison school’s report card to gather per-pupil spending data.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, limited outcomes data was collected for school year 2019-20. Visit each school’s report card to gather comparison details on spending, demographics, and any available outcomes data.

Edunomics Lab developed interactive data displays to explore resource equity, how dollars are allocated to schools, and which schools are most able to leverage their money to maximize student outcomes. Explore the analyses here.

If you have any questions about the data or feedback on the report card, contact the Wyoming Department of Education.