NERD$ Version 1.0

Please complete the following form to access NERD$. This is our initial interface allowing users to download school spending data files.

NERD$ currently includes data from 33 states. By June 1 data for all 50 states (plus District of Columbia) will be uploaded and the following eight will be available for cross-state analysis: District of Columbia, Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, Rhode Island, Virginia, West Virginia and Washington. And in the coming months we will be building out this resource to include interactive data experiences, customizable data downloads and cross-state comparable data for all states.

If you have any questions please email nerds@georgetown.edu. Thank you!

National Education Resource Database on Schools - Georgetown University
  • Note: We will provide periodic updates on NERD$ (including new data releases) and other relevant ed finance topics.
  • We will email you any updates to the data files you check and/or when the next year of data are available. States with an asterisk (*) are currently not available.