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Looking for actual ESSER spending data district by district?

Are districts at risk of not spending all their ESSER?

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This dashboard tracks CARES ESSER I, CRRSA ESSER II and ARP ESSER III expenditures that districts have submitted for reimbursement.

Click a state to view the data files we’re tracking: Use the map to explore expenditures by district or to download an entire state’s data. States track spending differently so files vary. Not all states have released complete data. Check back often, we’re adding new data as it becomes available.

Email edunomics@georgetown.edu with questions or to share available data on missing states.

This information is available in the public domain; please see our user policies for limitations.

View available district spending details by state.

Spending Categories

View changes in the pace of spending over time.

Pace of Spending

Taking stock of how school districts have spent funds so far.

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