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Certificate in Education Finance (CEF)

Financial and resource allocation issues influence all aspects of U.S. public education policy yet are often not fully understood. This one-of-a-kind Certificate in Education Finance (CEF) equips participants with the practical skills they need in strategic fiscal management, finance policy analysis, and financial leadership to deploy resources in ways that do the most for students.

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What is the Certificate in Education Finance?

The CEF is an interdisciplinary certification combining finance, economics and leadership with public policy and administration. The hybrid interactive virtual and in-person learning is designed for busy working professionals.

Participants learn to:

  • Identify common (but often ill-understood) cost drivers in education.
  • Analyze how policy affects equity and resource use.
  • Effectively consume and use education finance information.
  • Strategically allocate resources to reach desired outcomes and avoid unintended consequences that can negatively impact students, schools, and communities.
  • Grapple with productivity and financial tradeoffs in an environment of finite education dollars.
  • Communicate finance strategy and decisions to myriad audiences.

Who can join a CEF cohort?

The program targets, but is not limited to, education policymakers; central office leadership; campus and network leaders; analyst and graduate students; grant makers and non-profit leaders. No prerequisites or advance preparation required. Upon completion, participants earn 4.0 CEUs or 48 CPEs.*


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Upcoming Events

One on one discussion

New CEF Cohort Announced

July 16-17
The Joyce Foundation, Chicago, IL

State leadership meeting, AASA workshop-style session
San Diego, CA

Marguerite Roza will share new messaging research on how to talk about money in ways that can help unite (versus divide) communities, particularly amidst financial scarcity. To register for this conference visit:

Leadership for Educational Equity Conference
Washington, DC
6/26-29, 2019

Edunomics Lab will participate as a presenter during this conference. Check back for more details as our participation is finalized.

National Charter Schools Conference
Las Vegas, NV
6/30 – 7/3, 2019

Laura Anderson will co-lead with Brennan Parton, Data Quality Campaign, as session titled School Spending Transparency: So What, Now What? In this session charter leaders and advocates will learn how to use new school spending data required by ESSA to work to advocate for their students and tell stories about their school.

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