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Our workshops and trainings are designed to provide the hands-on finance skills that  practitioners, policymakers and others need to make strategic financial decisions and tradeoffs on behalf of students.

We are brainstorming our next offerings. Check back here, email questions or ideas to edunomics@georgetownedu, and sign up to learn about new workshops.

Registration is open for our fall Certificate in Education Finance. See information below.

Opportunities for State and District Finance Leaders

The Financial Decision-Making Working Group (FiDWiG) brings together state education agencies (SEAs) to leverage financial transparency for data-driven decision-making. The group meets about every two months. 

The District Finance Network is a collaborative group of district leaders that meet monthly to explore current research and troubleshoot common challenges.

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Feature upcoming:

ESSER Deep Dive: Wild Ride Ahead Workshop

This workshop consists of four 2-hour virtual sessions. These sessions will equip participants with skills they need in strategic fiscal management, finance policy analysis, and financial leadership to leverage dollars to do the most for students. The workshop will focus on the unprecedented federal relief funds. Participants will consider how to use these funds in a way that is financially sustainable and transparent, enhance equity in the short and long term, and engage communities in financial choices.

Session Dates:

September 28, September 29, October 5, and October 6
12:00 – 2:00 p.m. ET each day

Journalists can opt to participate in follow-on virtual sessions to earn the CEF.

Training opportunities for journalists

Our workshops and trainings can help journalists better understand and report on education finance issues in their communities. Please contact about upcoming options.

Earn Your Certificate in Ed Finance

Upcoming Cohort: Sept. 11-12 at the Gates Foundation in Seattle – OR –  Sept. 24-25 in DC


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