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The Financial Landscape And What It Means For Public Education

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Edunomics Lab hosts a series of 30-minute, interactive webinars to help states and districts navigate the changing education finance landscape. We share emerging data, analyze trends, offer fiscal forecasts, and provide timely tools and practical policy options to help decision-makers ensure available resources do the most for students.

District Finance Network Meetings

This collaborative group meets monthly to explore current research and troubleshoot common challenges. We focus on student-based allocation formulas, fiscal transparency, and strategic financial decision-making. Beginning with the financial turmoil in early 2020, topics range from early projections of state and district economic outlooks to strategic budget cutting and stakeholder communications, the impacts of enrollment shifts and learning loss on district finances, and the implications of massive federal relief funds for K-12.

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Financial Decision-Making Working Group (FIDWIG) Meetings

Hosted by Edunomics Lab, FiDWiG is a collaboration between state education agencies (SEAs) on how to leverage financial transparency for data-driven decision-making. FiDWiG created a set of voluntary, minimal reporting criteria, the Interstate Financial Reporting, to ensure per-pupil expenditure measures have common meaning across states.

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