Edunomics Lab is a Georgetown University research center exploring and modeling complex education finance decisions to inform education policy and practice.

chalkboard image with quote: The ESSER fiscal cliff will be worse in districts serving high-need students. And equity hangs in the balance.

New analysis by Roza and Silberstein, published by Brookings, shows high-poverty communities will see sharper impacts to their school budgets when ESSER ends.

Districts have more staff than ever. And fewer students. What happens next? Learn about trends we see in states and districts, and options for addressing challenges ahead. 

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NEW & UPDATED: Our Expenditure Dashboard now tracks ESSER 1, 2, and 3! Explore federal relief spending by district or download an entire state’s data.

ESSER spending details map

With 18 months to go before the massive ESSER experiment ends, Katie Silberstein and Marguerite Roza take stock of how school districts have spent their funds so far.

Research & Focus Areas

Edunomics Lab provides timely, relevant and actionable analysis of education finance policy and resource allocation strategy and decisions. Our research and modeling projects are designed to give policymakers and education leaders the evidence-based resources they need to effectively deploy finite resources for the betterment of education.

Compensation, Benefits & Pensions
District Resource Allocation
Educational Productivity
Financial Transparency
Higher Education
Innovation & Technology
K-12 Financial Landscape
State Finance Policy
School-Level Resource Use
Student-Based Allocation
Training in Ed Finance

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