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Districts face a tough year ahead. We’re here to help.

We’re running a second Fiscal Cliff Workshop to help leaders navigate the coming financial challenges, preserve what matters most for students, and manage any unspent ESSER balances.

Featured Research, Data, & Analysis

What should state and district leaders know about the pending fiscal cliff?

In this 30-minute webinar we share analyses of districts in 4 New England states (CT, MA, NH and RI) and key factors in protecting what matters most for students and district financial health.

Time To Change the District Budget Dance

Getting maximum value from available dollars is imperative, and may require some changes to the traditional budget process, writes Marguerite Roza in School Business Affairs Magazine.

The Massive ESSER Experiment: Here’s what we’re learning.

In spring 2023, with 18 months to go before the end of ESSER, Katherine Silberstein and Marguerite Roza took stock of how school districts had spent their funds so far.

Responding to a Tight Teacher Labor Market

In this article in School Business Affairs Magazine, we outline the types of innovative compensation strategies some districts are using to attract and retain talent in response to a tight labor market.

District Finance Network

This collaborative group meets monthly to explore current research and troubleshoot common challenges. The meetings can help guide districts as they consider financial plans for the coming months and years. Topics range from projections of state and district economic outlooks to strategic budget cutting and stakeholder communications, the impacts of enrollment shifts and learning loss on district finances, and the implications of massive federal relief funds for K-12.

To learn more about the network, email Jessica Swanson at edunomics@georgetown.edu.

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