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K-12 Financial Landscape

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2024 looks to be a wild ride for ed finance

School districts face tough choices as ESSER funds run out and a fiscal cliff looms. How leaders navigate financial decisions will be critical for protecting what matters most for students and ensuring district financial health post-ESSER. 

Featured Research, Data, & Analysis

A Financial Anaysis of Public Funds Invested Via ESAs, Vouchers & Tax Credits

Public investment in private options is on the rise. What are the financial implications? This real-time financial analysis looks at FY23-24 state funding to quantify how many public dollars are flowing through ESAs, vouchers, and tax credit scholarships right now.

What should state and district leaders know about the pending fiscal cliff?

In this 30-minute webinar we share analyses of districts in 4 New England states (CT, MA, NH and RI) and key factors in protecting what matters most for students and district financial health.

With tough finances ahead for districts, will states come to the rescue?

After nearly a decade of strong growth in state revenues, growth in General Fund revenues is slowing. We’ve assessed FY23-24 and FY24-25 by state.

Educators Beware: As budget cuts loom, now is NOT the time to quit your job

The staffing-enrollment mismatch spells financial trouble for school districts, and an end to the hiring spree of the last few years, write Katie Silberstein and Marguerite Roza at The 74.

Leading district finances during a time of financial turmoil

We’ve compiled resources to help district leaders and their finance teams navigate the opportunities and challenges involved in deciding how to spend temporary federal relief funds.

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