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Can vendors help our schools?

Optimism around the ed vendor space is running high.

30-Min Webinar: Can academic recovery continue when federal relief funds dry up?

We look at public education spending and outcomes over a decade, nationally and state by state, plus what the likely revenue trajectory could mean for future math and reading scores.


How have staffing and enrollment numbers changed in your state or district? This template allows you to input data to graph trends over time.

Widespread teacher shortages are over (mostly). Conditions are changing rapidly

It's more important than ever to track real-time data.

California’s school funding crisis has arrived. Here’s how leaders can dig out

With pandemic recovery funds drying up, state funds tightening, and fewer students bringing fewer dollars, many districts have no choice but to reevaluate investments, downsize and likely reduce staffing.

With a Fiscal Cliff Looming, States Must Ensure Districts Maximize Every Dollar for Students

These five levers are low-cost and popular on both sides of the aisle.

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Terms of Use We are happy that you find our work of interest. As a grant-funded research center, most of Edunomics Lab’s published content is available free of charge for noncommercial use, adaptation, sharing, and distribution, with proper attribution. This includes but is not limited to website content, datasets, slide decks, graphics, newsletters and commentaries, […]

Is it too late to protect what’s working as the cliff hits districts?

Next year's school district budgets will be locked in this spring. After that, influencing spending for 24-25 gets a lot harder.

30-Min Webinar: Six months remain on ESSER. What’s left to do? What worked? What didn’t? What happens when it’s gone?

We take stock of what districts did and didn’t accomplish with the money, what's left to do, and what happens when the money is gone during this 30-minute webinar.

Winding down ESSER. Is it working? What’s left to do?

Just 6 months remain on this massive federal program. While there's still work to be done, we can already see it's legacy taking shape. Here are a few highlights...

Bringing communities along during painful budget choices

For leaders facing tight budgets, there are better and worse ways to handle the next several months.

Closing schools: How much money does it save, and is it worth it?

School closure decisions are never easy. In this EdSource commentary, Roza and Dhammani outline several factors districts should consider in order to bring transparency to the process and ensure all students are served well.

School Boards Face Their Most Difficult Budget Season Ever

How can school board members bring their communities along in challenging financial times? Marguerite Roza and Laura Anderson weigh in at The 74.

State Revenues Outlook

This analysis provides estimates of year-over-year changes to state General Fund revenues.

Did the feds just extend the ESSER deadline?

In early January 2024, the U.S. Dept. of Education sent a letter to states with the latest on the ARP ESSER extension. Here's our take on what it all means.

How legislatures can ensure school funds do more for students

K-12 funding is the biggest line item in most state budgets. Here are five policy levers that states can pull to help districts maximize the value of every dollar for students.

Who decides what to cut? Technically school boards do

School boards face tough tradeoffs as they decide what to keep and what goes away when federal relief funds dry up. Here's what we've been learning about how boards engage in making financial decisions.

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Sort By: Filters Newsletters Jan 18, 2024 Did the feds just extend the ESSER deadline? In early January 2024, the U.S. Dept. of Education sent a letter to states with the latest on the ARP ESSER extension. Here’s our take on what it all means. Newsletters Jan 09, 2024 How legislatures can ensure school funds […]


Ed Finance Workshops Our workshops and trainings are designed to provide the hands-on finance skills that practitioners, policymakers and others need to make strategic financial decisions and tradeoffs on behalf of students. We are brainstorming our next offerings. Check back here, email questions or ideas to, and sign up to learn about new workshops. […]


The Financial Landscape And What It Means For Public Education Edunomics Lab hosts a series of 30-minute, interactive webinars to help states and districts navigate the changing education finance landscape. We share emerging data, analyze trends, offer fiscal forecasts, and provide timely tools and practical policy options to help decision-makers ensure available resources do the […]


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