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Meeting the ESSA Financial Transparency Reporting Requirement

BY Laura Anderson
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On February 9, 2017 nearly 100 state and district leaders representing 36 states met in Washington, D.C. to explore the opportunities and work ahead to meet the financial transparency reporting requirement in ESSA.  Available presentations are linked below.

Full Agenda
Presenter Bios

The Opportunity of Financial Transparency – Marguerite Roza, Director Edunomics Lab & partner of BSCP Center and Lynzi Ziegenhagen, CEO & Founder Schoolzilla

Panel Discussion – Equity Implications of Financial Transparency VIDEO COMING

Concurrent sessions

  1. Developing a Chart of Accounts: Lessons from SEAs led by Edunomics Lab
  2. Developing a Uniform Procedure for Allocating Expenditures led by Edunomics Lab & Education Resource Strategies
  3. Tapping School Level Finance Survey to meet the ESSA financial transparency requirement led by Stephen Cornman
  4. View from the District (LEA-specific session) led by Afton Partners

Communication Considerations – Brennan McMahon Parton, Associate Director State Policy & Advocacy, Data Quality Campaign

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