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One Reason Millennials Might Say “OK Boomer” This Holiday Season

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Marguerite Roza and Chad Aldeman
Published December 12, 2019 on Teacher Pensions Blog

The holidays bring multiple generations together, although that won’t mean they’ll see eye to eye on every issue. In fact, if the discussion turns to pension benefits, it might be tempting for younger family members to respond by saying, “OK Boomer.”

That now-viral phrase expresses the general frustration that Millennials and Gen Z have with older generations doling out dismissive lectures and being unable to see the perspective of younger generations.

Teacher pensions (or public pensions generally) may be one of those triggers – largely because it pits generations against each other: Older generations racked up billions in debt and the younger generations are now supposed to pay for it.

If the topic of pensions comes up at your next family gathering, here’s one way that conversation might go…


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