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How Federal Education Aid Can Tackle The K-Shaped Learning Recovery: Let’s start with $3000 Per Disengaged Student.

BY debraabritt
Male child around 6-10 years of age sitting down out on a porch. His head is down looking upset

Marguerite Roza
Published by Forbes November 30, 2020

Economists are describing a K-shaped recovery from the pandemic, where some industries and workers are bouncing back while others face a longer, more difficult recovery. This isn’t just an analogy for America’s workforce—it applies to America’s children and their learning trajectories too.

In this op ed, Marguerite Roza calls for federal funding to support those educators, administrators and entrepreneurs who are ready, willing and able to do whatever it takes to meet the needs of students for whom pandemic schooling isn’t working—those on the lower leg of the K.


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