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Financial Leadership: Meeting This Moment

BY debraabritt
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Marguerite Roza
Published in the December 2020 issues of ASBO's School Business Affairs magazine

It’s tough to overstate just how much the pandemic is asking of district financial leaders. Most are scrambling to revise budgets in the face of whiplash-inducing on-again, off-again scenarios for reopening school buildings in response to evolving case counts, changing labor demands, and other concerns—all set against a backdrop of evaporating enrollment counts, unstable state revenues, and swirling rumors about federal stimulus funds.

All this means that we’re leaning hard on the thousands of district superintendents, CFOs, budget directors, and other financial leaders in this immensely challenging moment. And while financial leaders do get important training in accounting, financial processes, budget and audit cycles, and other financial mechanics, they often aren’t adequately trained in the big strategic responsibilities that come with their roles. But they should be, because that strategic part of the job is mission-critical…


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