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Early Analysis of State ARP Plans

BY debraabritt

Marguerite Roza, Hannah Jarmolowski, Jessica Swanson, and Katie Silberstein
June 16, 2021

ARP brings the largest one-time sums ever to state education agencies for use at their discretion. The state ESSER3 set-asides total over $12B (around 3 times the Obama-era Race to the Top funding).

As SEA plans have become available, the Edunomics Lab team has been reviewing with a focus on the financial dimensions, to see how and where those dollars will flow. These slides offer our quick analysis of 28 of the 30 spending plans received by US ED to date. (Given our financial lens, there are many areas of the plans that we aren’t reviewing. Others in the field will examine them for different and important priorities.)

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