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Responding to a Tight Teacher Labor Market

BY debraabritt
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Chad Aldeman and Katherine Silberstein
Published in the April 2022 issue of ASBO's School Business Affairs magazine

While the turnover rates in public education are not as high as in the private sector, schools have still faced staffing challenges that affected their ability to deliver high-quality services this school year. In the fall, there weren’t enough bus drivers to get students to school on time. By winter, the combination of quarantine protocols and a lack of substitute teachers forced schools to scramble to fill classrooms.

Staffing challenges vary by community and by position, and the solutions should vary as well. As districts work on staffing for the coming school year, they have an opportunity to be creative about how they attract and retain talent. A number of school districts have broken from tradition to offer pay outside of the rigid step-and-lane salary schedules. In particular, many districts are now offering flat-dollar raises or non-recurring bonuses, incentives to address long-standing recruitment and retention issues, or compensation to shape teacher behavior in other ways such as getting vaccinated.

In this article published by ASBO School Business Affairs Magazine, the authors outline the types of innovative compensation strategies that districts can use to attract and retain talent in a tight labor market.


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