Financial Transparency & Equity

Reporting per-pupil expenditures at the school level will undoubtedly uncover some inequitable distribution of resources within states and districts across the country. The videos listed and linked below are part of a larger conversation about the equity element of the financial transparency at a meeting we convened in February 2017. State education agencies may find these videos helpful as they tackle their own financial transparency goals.

Watch one of these videos

Per-Pupil Expenditure Data and Advocacy Groups: Sharonne Navas of the Equity in Education Coalition in Washington State explains why per pupil expenditure data will be an important tool for the advocacy community.

Per-Pupil Expenditures: Technical Challenges & Historical Perspective: Sheara Krvaric of the Federal Education Group explains the big picture equity and technical concerns of meeting the financial transparency requirement, and provides some examples of prior Department of Education accounting requirements.

Equity in Financial Transparency: A State Perspective: Donna Nester from the MS Department of Education and David Blowman from the DE Department of Education share their thoughts from a state perspective on the importance of communications and how stakeholders will perceive the financial transparency.

Using Student-Based Allocation to Improve Equity: Weston Young from Indianapolis Public Schools explains how his district is using student-based allocation (SBA) to facilitate more equitable distribution of resources among schools.