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The Grid: A Framework to Explore Budgeting Choices

BY debraabritt

The Grid helps school, district, and state leaders strategically weigh proposed investments to assess which can do the most for students with the dollars at hand. It offers a roadmap for deciding what budget options to pursue, and which to sustain, modify, or cut to meet evolving student needs and academic goals.

With this tool, leaders connect investments with desired (and measurable) outcomes; estimate how effective investments are likely to be; flag risks that might get in the way of effectiveness; proactively brainstorm ways to mitigate those risks; make costs clear by putting investments in per-student terms; and evaluate progress once implemented.

Importantly, leaders can use The Grid to link their spending choices to desired outcomes. Doing so helps focus everyone’s behavior—and daily work—toward delivering on those outcomes.

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Use this worksheet to assess investments by calculating per-student costs and spelling out desired results, risks involved, and how effectiveness will be measured.

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