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The financial landscape and what it means for public education

Marguerite Roza
Webinar Series

Georgetown’s Edunomics Lab is continuing to host a series of 30-minute, interactive webinars to help states and districts decide how to use new federal relief dollars in ways that do the most good for students while avoiding long-term spending obligations that lead to budget pitfalls when one-time funds run out.

To learn about future webinars email edunomics@georgetown.edu.

View 3/16/2021 Presentation Slides
View 3/3/2021 Presentation Slides
View 1/19/2021 Presentation Slides
Watch: The New Federal Aid Package (30 Minutes)
View 1/5/2021 Presentation Slides

Financial turmoil webinar series 2020

In 2020, Georgetown’s Edunomics Lab hosted a series of 30-minute, interactive webinars on what the financial turmoil will mean for public education, what we are learning about the financial outlook, and what states and districts might consider as they make financial plans for the coming weeks and year.

Watch: Updated Financials, State & District Responses (30 Minutes)
View 5/28/2020 Presentation Slides
View 4/16/2020 Presentation Slides
View 3/24/2020 Presentation Slides

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