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30-Min Webinar: The financial forecast is in! School district budgets are headed for a wild ride.

BY debraabritt

Marguerite Roza, Chad Aldeman, and Katie Silberstein
August 18, 2022

School district budgets are about to be hit by a powerful wave of financial pressures.

A looming ESSER fiscal cliff. Inflation at a 40-year high. Unprecedented enrollment declines. Pandemic-fueled hiring. Add them up, and school district budgets are in for a wild ride. On top of it all, a broader economic slowdown would mean that state budgets won’t be able to blunt the financial impacts headed their way.

What does the forecast tell us about when and how deep the effects will be? What do district leaders need to know about the storm ahead? In this webinar we walk through a mix of factors, explain how – and when – they’re likely to hit district budgets, and discuss how district and state leaders can make smart decisions now to prepare.

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