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Leading district finances during a time of financial turmoil

District leaders face tremendous challenges given the pandemic-fueled financial turmoil and shifts in school delivery. They’re being asked to balance budgets in the face of on-again, off-again reopening scenarios — all set against a backdrop of unpredictable state revenues for K-12 education. We’re compiling resources to help district leaders navigate this unprecedented time.

We recently hosted a workshop with state and district leaders working on developing ARP ESSER spending plans. In one activity they considered a set of cost equivalent investment options ($500 per student) and in this group there was strong support for giving dollars to schools in per student increments.

You can use this worksheet with your finance teams, school leaders and in community conversations to gather “meaningful” input on spending priorities.

Cost Equivalent Activity Worksheet

Presentations and webinars

The financial outlook for public education is changing rapidly. These presentation slides and webinars can help guide districts as they consider financial plans for the coming months and year. If you are interested in joining future webinars please email Laura.Anderson@georgetown.edu.

Five Principles to Guide District Spending
New Dollars: Reopening and Remediation
Remediation Funding & Rethinking Benefits
Post Election: K-12 Finance
Budgeting With Enrollment Drops
Rethinking Resources in a Pandemic
Federal Stimulus & What Districts Should Know
Reserves, New Revenues & Messaging
CARES Act & Reopening Schools
What Worries You?
Financial Turmoil Webinar Series
Steps Districts Can Take Now

District budget decisions and labor implications

We’re tracking district budget decisions, based on news reports and, where feasible, budget and school board documents. While our effort doesn’t provide an exhaustive national picture, it does offer a hit-or-miss, selective snapshot of a fast-moving situation.

District Budget Decision Tracker

What we are learning

Here’s What to Watch For
Staying Focused on Students
Impacts on District Revenues
Budget-Cut Decisions Loom
Waiting for a Bail Out
How to Talk About Money
Avoiding Financial Missteps

Get smarter on how to use financial data with Georgetown University’s Certificate in Education Finance.

Certificate in Education Finance