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Opinion: Pause HISD’s plan to centralize school funding

BY debraabritt

Jessica Swanson and Marguerite Roza
Published March 30, 2022 by the Houston Chronicle

For over two decades, Houston Independent School District has doled out dollars in a way that drives more money to schools with more students in poverty and empowers principals with a meaningful say in how their dollars are spent. This equity- and school-focused funding approach is part of the district’s DNA and enshrined as a policy pillar. Now, the new superintendent is fast-tracking plans to reverse course and shift nearly a billion dollars in spending decisions away from school principals and up to central office, replacing a long-running student-based formula with a more rigid staffing one.

In this op ed, the authors call for the school board to take the time to ensure a full public vetting process for this finance flip.


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